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The Terracotta Army

Xi'an - All You Want to Know

  The Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an are a must-see. Find out all about the Terracotta Army: facts, how and why they were made, museum location, tours…

    The Terracotta Army was constructed to accompany the tomb of China’s First Emperor as an afterlife guard. There are thousands of detailed life-size terracotta soldier models representing the guard troops of the first emperor – Qin Shihuang. They were molded in parts, fired, then assembled and painted. 

   The museum mainly consists of three vaults and an exhibition hall: Vault One, Vault Two, Vault Three, and The Exhibition Hall of the Bronze Chariots. (Vault one is usually crowded with tourists. According to our experienced guide, the best views are from the front of the vault around the corners. 

         The vaults are arrayed as the buried army was in strict accordance with the ancient directives on the Art of War: facing east towards the ancient enemies of Qin State (and towards the entrance), with Vault One on the right flank, Vault Two on the left flank, and Vault Three a command post at the rear.



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