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Top 15 – Chinese Youtube channels

      The rise and growth of YouTube has created some of the biggest social media and marketing entrepreneurs and has enabled its audience to navigate the platform to their liking. Because of the business franchise YouTube has become a catalyst for famous YouTube creators, regular people with a dream to make it in the “Hollywood Industry.” YouTube provided the resources to these stars, so they could share their content and be given the opportunity to partner with other Public Relations and Marketing teams for other businesses.

      By taking a Media and Cultural Studies approach to the culture of YouTube, I analyzed what makes YouTube a culture, and how people use the medium to establish a career in the media. Since YouTube is a medium and part of the media, I will be looking into how these content creators have become social media icons and millionaires in a mainly Hollywood/LA-run industry full of over-filtered, plastic people. I created content of my own that replicates that of YouTube Culture now, uploaded and released one video every week over the past 11 months that fall under the categories listed: Vlogs, Challenges, live streams, cooking videos, gaming, beauty, DIY’s, sit down chats, music videos, Q and A’s, skits, tips and tricks/advice videos etc.

Here’s the Top 15 – Chinese Youtube Channel

  • Yoyo Chinese
  • Unconventional Chinese – 
  • Hit Chinese
  • Smart Mandarin
  • Chinese Zero to hero
  • Rachel Meets China
  • Rafa Goes Around
  • Nico
  • Miriam in China
  • Blondie in China
  • Jesse
  • Mamahuhu
  • Jared
  • Kevin in Shanghai
  • LTL Mandarin School


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