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The international community pays high attention to the two sessions of China

2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, and it is also a crucial year for the completion of a well-off society. In recent days, overseas experts and scholars have paid close attention to the two sessions of China this year. And they look forward to the release of more positive signals from the two sessions. China has introduced more new policies and brought more new opportunities for the prosperity and development of the world.


UAE senior media people look forward to China’s two sessions

Ibrahim Abid, a senior media professional in the UAE, said that the UAE, as an important country along the “the Belt and Road Initiative”, is very concerned about the future development of China-Arab relations and looks forward to the release of more positive diplomatic signals of the relations between the two countries.

Iranian economist: China’s economic development is full of potential

As one of the important countries along the “the Belt and Road Initiative”, Iran has always been concerned about China’s development. As the two sessions approach, Iranian senior economist Reraz also expressed his expectations for the two sessions and for China’s future development.

German scholar: China shows big powers


German society is also highly concerned about the convening of the two sessions of China. Germany’s expert on China’s issues, Pei Gaode, said that China’s achievements in reform and opening up have never been unprecedented. In terms of safeguarding world peace, China has also demonstrated its role as a major power.

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