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Chinese Calligraphy Workshop

The oriental wise educational consultancy will organize a workshop on “The Origin of Chinese Characters and Chinese Calligraphy” on March 22nd. This workshop is suitable for both adults and young people. Welcome to attend.

Chinese calligraphy is a kind of traditional art to Chinese characters. It has unlimited richness under its simple surface. Learning Chinese calligraphy, which is an old and vibrant art, not only enhances your artistic aesthetics, but provides you with an important way to learn and study Chinese culture as well.

Speaker: Li Dongxia, President of the Emirates Association of Chinese Calligraphy

Registration method: Please scan the code to contact the two persons below.


Speaker’s profile:

Ms. Li Dongxia is the Chairperson of the Chinese Language and Culture Exchange Center in the UAE and Chairperson of the Emirates Association of Chinese Calligraphy. She is specialized in Chinese calligraphy and Chinese culture, and has been committed to spreading Chinese culture for many years. She is also President of the Cheongsam Society in Dubai. She has led Chinese women in the UAE participated in a range of Chinese cultural events in the UAE, like the cultural procession of the Chinese Spring Festival in Dubai City Walk and the Chinese Spring Festival Gala in Dubai, which show people in the UAE the beauty of oriental women.

Information from the website: dibailiuxue.com

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